Upon receipt of a stamped self-addressed envelope, the Librarian will be pleased to advise members of the contents of publications in the Society's library.


Books Available
Title Year Author
B.G.S.Annuals 1927 to Date   
N.A.G.C. Bulletins 1980 to Date   
Australian Gladiolus Annuals 1980 to Date (With a few exceptions)   
New Zealand Gladiolus Annuals 1980 to Date (With a few exceptions)   
New England Gladiolus Annuals 1936, 1937, 1966, 1967   
N.A.G.C.Parentages To 1982   
Mendelism 1919 R.C.Punnett
Gladioli 1948A.J.Macself
Gladiolus 1948 F.F.Rockwell
Plant Breeding 1950 A.L.Hagedoom
The Gladiolus for Garden and Exhibition 1955 D.G.Thomas
Growing Gladioli 1955 D.Laidlaw
The Gladiolus Today 1957 H.G.Witham Fogg
Gladioli and the Miniatures 1961R.Genders
Gladioli1961 R.Ikin
Dictionary of Garden Plants 1969 R.Hay, P.M.Synge
Collecting Antique Plants 1971 R.Genders
The World of the Gladiolus 1972N.A.GC.   
A revision of The South African Species of Gladiolus 1972 G.L.Lewis, A.A.Obermayer and T.T.Barnard
Botanical Latin1973W.T.Stearn
Gladioli For Everyone 1975J.B.Garrity
Handbook of World Gladiolus 1976 R.Park
How to Grow Glorious Gladiolus 1979 N.A.G.C.
Growing Gladioli 1989 E.Anderton, R.Park
A Garden of South African Flowers    K.C.Stanford
What Shall I do with my Garden    H.D. Sedwick
Dame Edna's Coffee Table Book      
Gladioly- Meciky (In Slovak) 1983 Igor Adamovic
The Physiology of Flower Bulbs * 1993 De Hertogh Le Nard
Gladiolus in Tropical Africa * 1996 P.Goldblatt
Gladiolus in Southern Africa *1998P.Goldblatt

* For UK members only and charges are £5.00 to cover extra postal costs.


1992/1993 Annual Report of Bulb Research Centre of Liese, The Netherlands1993B.R.C. Lisse
Gladioli Comercially Grown in Holland And North America1993W.F.Murray
As I see it - Classification List to aid Showing and Growing in New Zealand1994W.King
South African Gladioli - Their Medicinal and Culinary Uses1994M.Hazell
50th Anniversary Memories Gladiolus Society Wisconsin, U.S.A.1996Marathon County
An Approach to Judging1975G. Wilson (Canada)
Cape Bulbs1994R.L.Doutt

# A loose-leaf copy of this report is also available for photocopying.


The Winter Growing Gladioli of South Africa1974G.R.Delpierre and N.M Du Plessis
Flower Garden1899W.Robinson
Nederland Gladiolus Society-set of old colour plates

The B.G.S. Book Library is quite unique in the selection of books held on Gladioli. There is a wealth of information available to members, and anyone who gives talks or lectures on the subject will find plenty of interesting facts on the history of the species (from Roman times to present day) scientific data, uses (medicinal and culinary) cultivation, innovations, exhibitions and arranging. Several of the more modern ideas and techniques are really revamped from times gone by and results of such methods have been recorded within the pages of several publications. Some of the older books also have beautiful colour plates illustrating the printer’ art of years ago.

The Librarian also has a personal copy of the NAGC Parentage’ list and is willing to research parentage’ of cultivars. Please note this list does not include the majority of European bred cultivars.

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